Troy Newborn Photographer | Emmett

I love it when clients refer me to their friends! It always makes for the best sessions! My wedding client Sarah referred long-time friends Jenny and Dave to me. They invited me into their home two weeks after Emmett entered the world. Is Emmett not the sweetest? He was alert and calm during our session. No tears, no fussing, really a good newborn, so I was a thankful Troy newborn photographer.

If you’re looking for a Troy newborn photographer and are considering studio versus lifestyle, here’s my take. Newborn lifestyle sessions are all about using the environment you’re in and simple swaddles and outfits. The best part about them is that they are meant to be rather stress-free. The point isn’t to look perfect, it’s to capture the connection between the family members. I do not pose newborns in baskets or buckets and I do not use anything other than a boppy pillow, bed, or their crib for safety. I prefer the photos of mom and dad holding baby anyways! They’re always the sweetest.

Jenny and Dave created the perfect nursery for Emmett. Like Pinterest-worthy nursery goals. Emmett is one lucky baby! You can tell the love and care that went into decorating it. The elephant motif was adorable. E for Emmett!

Emmett is now just over four months old, but I’m so glad I was able to capture these first moments for this family of three. They’re just never that little again! I absolutely love this session and am so glad my clients refer me to their friends!

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