Livonia Family Photographer

Livonia Family Photographer

This past Valentine’s Day, I had a giveaway for an at-home session. I’ve really been wanting to document more families in their homes, just interacting and being themselves. Erin won and I was so excited because I had met her when she was the maid of honor in one of my 2019 weddings.We scheduled the session for the end of March and called it good.

But then, COVID hit. And we had to reschedule a few times, but on a bright, beautiful May Sunday morning, we did a family session at Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia.

Erin and Tom have the best behaved kids I’ve ever photographed. I really mean that (and sorry to all the other parents who are clients and are reading this). Maybe they were at the perfect ages or just are very good in front of a camera, but all three of these kiddos were really easy and fun to direct! We got the ones smiling at the camera and we got lots of interaction, snuggles, and hugs. Win-win!

I loved using Greenmead’s scenery as a Livonia family photographer. It’s really do-able for families because it has natural elements mixed in with historic buildings. And it’s usually not super duper busy, which was the case on this Sunday morning when we visited.

These five are always welcome in front of my camera, and your family is too! I’m now booking fall sessions! You don’t want to miss out on romping through leaves with your littles, right?

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