Downtown Detroit Engagement Session |  Dani & Matt

Downtown Detroit Engagement Session | Dani & Matt

I really love a downtown Detroit engagement session, as you alllllll should know by now. I got married downtown and had engagement photos taken down there long before I knew all the good spots (and all the overused spots). Dani and Matt met me on a Sunday morning for their downtown Detroit engagement session and I got to explore a new addition to downtown…Parker’s Alley, behind the new Shinola Hotel. Dani was on the team that created the hotel so it’s a special spot for them! Also they were totally down for one of my fav spots: Capitol Park, just the cutest little market light square nestled a few steps from bustling Woodward Avenue.

The best part about a downtown Detroit engagement session is that downtown is constantly changing and there’s just so many facets of the area to explore! No two sessions really need to look the same. The one request I had from Dani is she wanted to ride a scooter with Matt at the end of the session. So we made it happen and it’s one of my favorite shots! Be yourselves and have fun are my mottos, always.

Can’t wait for their LEAP DAY wedding!!!
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Ashleigh & Chris | Downtown Detroit Engagement

Ashleigh & Chris | Downtown Detroit Engagement

Say hello to our first 2019 M. Muncy Studios couple on the blog! Ashleigh and Chris were referred to me by a photographer friend and I am so glad that we connected. Their August 2019 wedding will be downriver, but these two decided to have a downtown Detroit engagement session on an early Sunday morning in May.

Sunday mornings might be my favorite time to shoot downtown. Sure, you’re not getting the golden hour sunset on Belle Isle, but you have the city literally all to yourself. No one is really out and about at 7am on a Sunday morning. It’s dead, it’s quiet, and it feels like you own the place.

A downtown Detroit engagement session is almost not complete without a stop at the Belt Z, so we caught what was left of the sunrise there and then headed to the warehouse district where Ashleigh & Chris let me just stop the car when I saw an interesting spot. It was a grungier look with lots of brick (so great). Then we ended at the Detroit Public Library, which has is gorgeous when the trees are in bloom.

These two have the cutest love story of friendship, distance, and ultimately just knowing that things were right together. You can tell they strike a balance together and compliment the other. I am honored they chose me to shoot their wedding next year!

Downtown Detroit Engagement Session Belt Z Detroit Public LibraryDowntown Detroit Engagement Session Belt Z Detroit Public LibraryDowntown Detroit Engagement Session Belt Z Detroit Public Library

Downtown Detroit Engagement Session Belt Z Detroit Public Library

Jacki & Scott – Downtown Detroit Engagement

Jacki & Scott – Downtown Detroit Engagement

Downtown Detroit engagement sessions are some of my favorite, you guys. No matter what, Downtown Detroit just keeps giving to me no matter what time of year it is.

I met Jacki and Scott this February about a week after they got engaged. Over some caramel macchiatos, they told me they’ve been together for 8 years and were so ready to tie the knot. I’ve been married for just over a year and have only known my husband for just over three years, so I can’t even imagine the memories these two have of each other and how they’ve grown together over those 8 years, from teenagers to now.

To juxtapose their backyard wedding, they opted for a Downtown Detroit engagement session. It was a warm May Sunday evening (best bloom time). We headed to some of my favorite spots and a few new ones too. When a couple tells you, “we’re up for anything!”, as a photographer you get excited! I’m so glad that both Jacki and Scott were willing to put up with any silliness I asked for and let me explore some new spots that I don’t necessarily see in downtown engagement sessions (think the middle of the road by Comerica Park, some blooming trees on Woodward, the Fox, church steps).

I love when couples come to me with great ideas about where to have their session. It’s always meaningful when it’s somewhere they have spent a lot of time or where they met. But when you get to spend some time just exploring together and trying some new ideas in familiar places, it’s refreshing as a photographer. More and more I’m hearing, “we trust you,” from my clients and the result is usually something I would never have thought of before being in the moment with them.

Their late-September backyard wedding is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to work with them again!


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