Grecian Center Wedding | Carlos & Cheyenne

Grecian Center Wedding | Carlos & Cheyenne

On a rainy October Friday, Cheyenne and Carlos were married at The Grecian Center. Remember their winter downtown Wyandotte engagement session?

Despite the rain, they were still able to be married outdoors thanks to the large awning over the ceremony space. And yes, it rained and stopped (typical for October weather) and we made it work. All was well! What’s very special about a Grecian Center wedding is the beautiful garden, which was still colorful despite it being mid-October. 

Cheyenne, who is incredible and did HER OWN makeup and hair for her wedding, was the maid of honor in my very first wedding. In fact, Sarah, my very first bride (and old cowoker) was the maid of honor in this wedding! I love being able to work with friends of old couples. 

Something to know about Cheyenne and Carlos is that they love music. They both have great voices! My favorite part of the wedding day was a surprise Carlos had planned for Cheyenne, where he sang to her. The best part? She joined in! I haven’t been to many weddings where the couple provided part of the entertainment. It was truly a sweet moment and one that made the day even more special. 

This Grecian Center wedding was all about the party. I don’t think the dance floor cleared at all! Cheyenne and Carlos’ friends and family were boogying down all night long!


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Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding | Lindsay & Michael

Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding | Lindsay & Michael

This past August, I spent a beautiful day at Lindsay and Michael’s Meadowbrook Country Club wedding. I have so many wonderful things I could say about Lindsay and Michael! Lindsay found me on Instagram and we all video chatted back in March. We didn’t meet in person until May when I did their engagement session in Grand Haven (their new home!). We laughed a lot and had a fabulous time! These two are just the cutest, sweetest people and I’m so glad they choose me to photograph their wedding! They were 100% willing to do whatever I asked and did all my crazy prompts. Their photos are some of my favorites.

The day started at Studio170MI in downtown Northville, where Lindsay got pampered. We returned to her parents home where her aunt had made a beautiful brunch for the ladies. Lots of laughs and mimosas later, everyone got into their dresses. Lindsay shared a beautiful first look with her dad Paul before heading to the church.

The pair were married at St. James Catholic Church. Before the ceremony, Lindsay’s bridesmaids and parents prayed over her, which was a beautiful moment and completely unplanned. After the ceremony, we took photos at Maybury State Park and then headed to the Meadowbrook Country Club for the cocktail hour and reception. This wedding party was SO FUN! I loved working with them!

I think my favorite part of the day (and this day was pretty much perfect head to toe), was the dance floor at the reception. I wasn’t expecting this, but the guests at this wedding were dancers! I had so much fun photographing the dance floor at this wedding, from the Hokey Pokey (which is a big family thing for Lindsay’s side as I heard), to Michael’s dad and his coworkers singing an original song to the couple, it was just so fun to be a part of! If I hadn’t been working, I would have wanted to join in.

Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0001.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0002.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0003.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0004.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0005.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0006.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0007.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0008.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0009.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0010.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0011.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0012.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0013.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0014.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0015.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0016.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0017.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0018.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0019.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0020.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0021.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0022.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0023.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0024.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0025.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0026.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0027.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0028.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0029.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0030.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0031.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0032.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0033.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0034.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0035.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0036.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0037.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0038.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0039.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0040.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0041.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0042.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0043.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0044.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0045.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0046.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0047.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0048.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0049.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0050.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0051.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0052.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0053.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0054.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0055.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0056.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0057.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0058.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0059.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0060.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0061.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0062.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0063.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0064.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0065.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0066.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0067.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0068.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0069.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0070.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0071.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0072.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0073.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0074.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0075.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0076.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0077.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0078.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0079.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0080.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0081.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0082.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0083.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0084.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0085.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0086.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0087.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0088.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0089.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0090.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0091.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0092.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0093.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0094.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0095.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0096.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0097.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0098.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0099.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0100.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0101.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0102.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0103.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0104.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0105.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0106.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0107.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0108.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0109.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0110.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0111.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0112.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0113.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0114.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0115.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0116.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0117.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0118.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0119.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0120.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0121.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0122.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0123.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0124.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0125.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0126.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0127.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0128.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0129.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0130.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0131.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0132.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0133.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0134.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0135.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0136.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0137.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0138.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0139.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0140.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0141.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0142.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0143.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0144.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0145.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0146.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0147.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0148.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0149.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0150.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0151.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0152.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0153.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0154.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0155.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0156.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0157.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0158.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0159.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0160.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0161.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0162.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0163.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0164.jpg
Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding_0165.jpg

Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding | Bill & Lauren

Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding | Bill & Lauren

I have a soft spot in my heart for intimate weddings. There is something about a couple choosing to forgo the huge party and just have their closest family surround them on their wedding day. Bill and Lauren’s Detroit Foundation Hotel wedding this past spring was one of the best wedding days I’ve ever been a part of. Don’t get me wrong, I love a traditional wedding, but there is something so special and almost sacred about a small wedding. I was the fifteenth person there, and what an honor it was to photograph this day for them.

Bill and Lauren are just so sweet. They are naturals in front of the camera (remember their Gallup Park engagement session last fall? super good), and they really balance each other. I can tell you a lot about how they interact with each other because I have spent now over 5 hours just photographing them. When you don’t have a wedding party, you get to traverse the city and get a TON of portraits of the two of you. Though it was a warmer May day, we had beautiful weather…you can’t hate when it’s sunshiny on your wedding day. We started with a first look at the Detroit Foundation Hotel in front of those stunning red doors, and made our way to some of the best city spots, ending in a portrait session inside the hotel to cool off. I loved being able to use both inside and outside for portraits!

The pair were married in a ceremony officiated by Lauren’s brother in a private room where they also held their dinner. I loved the personal touches of this ceremony: they had advice from their families and personal vows. I LOVE personal vows. I advocate for them because I think it’s the best way to enter a marriage, by making promises unique to your love and your relationship. It really puts the whole event into perspective.

What I love about Bill and Lauren is that they are just a balanced pair. Lauren is so bubbly, so kind and genuine. And so dang beautiful, amirite? Like lorddddddddd. And Bill is the guy who came prepared with water for their portrait session, and put his vows in a ziplock bag in his suit so they wouldn’t be ruined. I think they bring out the best in each other, truthfully. They are world travelers and their favors came with stories from all over the world. I can’t imagine what other types of adventures are in store for them.

florals: willa rose floral | venue: detroit foundation hotel / apparatus room
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0001.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0002.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0003.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0004.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0005.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0006.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0007.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0008.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0009.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0010.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0011.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0012.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0013.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0014.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0015.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0016.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0017.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0018.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0019.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0020.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0021.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0022.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0023.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0024.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0025.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0026.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0027.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0028.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0029.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0030.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0031.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0032.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0033.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0034.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0035.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0036.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0037.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0038.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0039.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0040.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0041.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0042.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0043.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0044.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0045.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0046.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0047.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0048.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0049.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0050.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0051.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0052.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0053.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0054.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0055.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0056.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0057.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0058.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0059.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0060.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0061.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0062.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0063.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0064.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0065.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0066.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0067.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0068.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0069.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0070.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0071.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0072.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0073.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0074.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0075.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0076.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0077.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0078.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0079.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0080.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0081.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0082.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0083.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0084.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0085.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0086.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0087.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0088.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0089.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0090.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0091.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0092.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0093.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0094.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0095.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0096.jpg
Detroit Foundation Hotel Wedding_0097.jpg

Waldenwoods Wedding | Lindsay & Clay

Waldenwoods Wedding | Lindsay & Clay

This year, I kicked off my “wedding season” (May to October in Michigan) with Lindsey and Clay’s Waldenwoods wedding. Though it was a bit chilly for a late spring day, it didn’t stop these two and their friends/family from celebrating them.

Lindsey and Clay spent most of their engagement apart while Clay was stationed overseas. Five days after their wedding, they packed up and moved to Georgia where they will be stationed for the time being. What a whirlwind! I admire them for having a long distance relationship (especially while wedding planning) and for viewing living so far away from family and friends as an adventure! We met up at Christmastime while Clay was home for an engagement session at Campus Martias.

This Waldenwoods wedding took place in the tent, with lots of whites, cremes, golds, and greens. They opted for a dusty, neutral color pallette. Lindsey and Clay were married outdoors despite the chilly weather. But the rain held off all day long! I loved shooting at Waldenwoods because everything was right on site and so beautiful!

I think the most special moment at this wedding was a special surprise song that Lindsey’s grandfather wrote and recorded for her. It was a beautiful moment to witness as they danced together before the party started. And my, could this group party! Such a fun dance floor!

I had such a great time at this Waldenwoods wedding and would love to go back! Having your wedding at Waldenwoods? Contact me today!

Waldenwoods Wedding_0001.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0002.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0003.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0004.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0005.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0006.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0007.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0008.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0009.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0010.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0011.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0012.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0013.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0014.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0015.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0016.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0017.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0018.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0019.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0020.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0021.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0022.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0023.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0024.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0025.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0026.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0027.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0028.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0029.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0030.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0031.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0032.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0033.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0034.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0035.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0036.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0037.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0038.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0039.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0040.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0041.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0042.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0043.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0044.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0045.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0046.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0047.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0048.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0049.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0050.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0051.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0052.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0053.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0054.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0055.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0056.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0057.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0058.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0059.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0060.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0061.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0062.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0063.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0064.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0065.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0066.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0067.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0068.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0069.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0070.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0071.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0072.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0073.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0074.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0075.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0076.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0077.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0078.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0079.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0080.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0081.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0082.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0083.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0084.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0085.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0086.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0087.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0088.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0089.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0090.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0091.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0092.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0093.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0094.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0095.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0096.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0097.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0098.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0099.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0100.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0101.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0102.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0103.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0104.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0105.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0106.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0107.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0108.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0109.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0110.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0111.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0112.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0113.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0114.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0115.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0116.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0117.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0118.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0119.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0120.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0121.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0122.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0123.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0124.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0125.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0126.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0127.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0128.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0129.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0130.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0131.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0132.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0133.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0134.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0135.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0136.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0137.jpg
Waldenwoods Wedding_0138.jpg

Waterview Loft Wedding | Kaitlyn & Jacob

Waterview Loft Wedding | Kaitlyn & Jacob

Before 2019 gets away from me, I wanted to finish sharing the last of my 2018 images! Kaitlyn and Jacob were married on December 29, 2018 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Royal Oak and celebrated their reception at the Waterview Loft in downtown Detroit. This Waterview Loft wedding was complete with beautiful event design and a hopping party!
I think my favorite part of this wedding was that Kaitlyn and Jacob were able to visit the spot of their very first date, Ale Mary’s, after their ceremony. When I met Kaitlyn for the first time a year before their wedding, she had told me all about this very long first date and hinted that she kind of knew that this one was special. Ale Mary’s holds a special place in their relationship, so what a treat to be able to go back to where it all began on the first day of a new chapter.
After Ale Mary’s, we headed to downtown Detroit for photos and to catch the last glimpses of light on the Detroit River as the reception began. There’s nothing like a downtown Detroit wedding, I’ll tell you that!
From the bride: “Madalyn was an absolute dream, and I will never stop recommending her. She did our engagement and wedding and the entire planning process made me feel so at ease and excited at the same time. Not to mention, she sent us the cutest little package with treats and a handmade card for help to plan the wedding photos. The personal touches and individualized attention is beyond what you would ever get from the big guys. The candid authenticity of her photos is so dreamy, but she was also able to capture the more posed shots that I wanted as well. Madalyn, you’re amazing, Jake and I are customers for life!”

floral/event design: emerald city designs | cake: sweet heather anne | dj: pro dj services | hair: bridal beauty couture | makeup: blushed hair & make-up | gown: maggie sottero | paper: HSR graphics

Waterview Loft Wedding_0001.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0002.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0003.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0004.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0005.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0006.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0007.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0008.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0009.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0010.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0011.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0012.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0013.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0014.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0015.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0016.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0017.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0018.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0019.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0020.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0021.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0022.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0023.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0024.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0025.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0026.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0027.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0028.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0029.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0030.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0031.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0032.jpg
Waterview Loft Wedding_0033.jpg
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