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I’m so excited you’re here.

I CAn’t wait until october 3rd.

What to expect

Fill out your timeline questionnaire (DUE JULY 1)

You’ll get a timeline questionnaire and then I’ll send you a timeline template in your client portal so we can work on it together.

Fill out your family formal questionnaire (DUE AUGUST 1)

This is the only shot list I’ll ask for so please be complete and thorough! I’ll send back a list for you to check over.

Fill out the final details questionnaire (DUE SEPTEMBER 1)

Share VIP names, contact info, other vendors, and last minute details I need to know before wedding day.

Schedule a final call with madalyn (2 weeks before)

We’ll go over the timeline step-by-step, any questions and wrap up final details so we are all on the same page.

wedding day is here!

Have fun! Don’t worry because I’m doing my thing and I gotchu.

sneak peeks

Get sneak peeks of your day within a week of your wedding to hold you over.

Get your wedding images back

Within 6-8 weeks of your wedding, you’ll receive your final gallery!

order any tangible goods

Order your album, professional prints, photo books, thank you cards, etc.

about your photographer 




// WHAT NOW??!?!

Now that you can finally check ‘hire a photographer off of your planning list, take a deep breath! Make sure to check your inbox periodically for emails from me with important forms and scheduling information. If you’ve opted for an engagement session, please get that on the calendar as soon as possible! Those should be scheduled 6+ months out so you can send your save the dates on time! Plus, during peak seasons, sessions fill up FAST. Don’t wait. After your session, we will create a timeline and a family formal list together, then it’s wedding day! woo!


Each day, I receive A LOT of email. I spend a lot of time in my inbox (you know what this feels like if you work in an office). This gateway is designed to make your life (and mine lol) easier. Creating a custom gateway for your wedding day hopefully makes it easy for you to stay organized and a place where most all of your questions can be answered. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you have a question that cannot be answered here or set up a call (link below) to discuss LITERALLY anything. I’m here for you, but these are definitely THE BEST ways to get in touch with me and help us both stay organized. Texting or DMing me important timeline information or a list of questions is not a good way to communicate. I get a lot of message from the multiple platforms and it’s so easy for your message to get lost. Scheduled phone calls always happen and I always check my emails every single day and usually respond within 48 hours during the week.


Everything I do uses my client management system, Dubsado. You should have already received an email with your client portal login information (hint, it’s your email address). You can access our contract at any time, as well as your current invoice. Feel free to pay it at any time, in any increment you’d like. I use Stripe as an online payment processor so you can pay by card or e-check at any time. Make sure the balance is paid one week before your wedding. If you’d like to send a check, that’s fine, your invoice has my address. I will deposit and adjust your invoice accordingly. Most people like using online payments since it’s easier but whatever works for you!


All of your high-resolution galleries are available to you in a link that we will provide after your session/wedding day at the bottom of this gateway. From your gallery link, you can “download all” using the down arrow button in the upper-right corner of your gallery.

You can also share that gallery link with your family and friends to view and purchase prints/albums. For your security, only those that I invite will have download privileges. This is to give YOU control over who has digital copies of your images. If you would like someone to be able to download, please send me their email and name so I can take care of that for you.

The shop in your gallery is where you can order professional prints. I encourage you to print through my lab so that I can provide the best possible looking prints of your digital images. Consumer labs can really mess with colors and heads up, I’m not responsible for that! But if you print through me, I promise your images will look A-MAZING.


I send you three questionnaires. I do them separately because having one massive questionnaire is TOO MUCH and you won’t complete it. So I break it down to make it easier on you.

First, the timeline questionnaire. I know you are itching to get that timeline in place, and frankly I am too! You know how much I like to whip out a sample timeline during my consultations. I am 100% on board with creating a timeline as early as you’d like. You’ll receive a questionnaire that helps me gather information to help build that timeline. I like to be involved in building the timeline for you because I’ve been to A LOT of weddings, I know what works and what doesn’t, and usually it’s a stressful part of the planning process for clients. Keep in mind that I will only build a timeline for my photography contracted hours, but you’ll want to figure out what time other vendors should arrive/depart on your own!

Second, the family formal questionnaire. This is the most important questionnaire because it’s the only shot list I require. If you do not give me a family formal list, I am 100% not responsible for specific combinations and will use my wedding photographer powers to do the most popular combinations. Please first consult amongst yourselves to figure out what photos are actually important to you. Remember, these can be time-consuming and most likely you will end up printing the photos of larger groups like your entire immediate family instead of just you and your siblings/nieces/nephews. Then, talk to your parents.  Pleaseeeeee. Make sure that they don’t have any requests or let them know how you would like to structure this time. I am happy to accommodate additional requests day of, but I always do them AFTER the main list is taken care of and if there’s time. Otherwise, it could be hours, you know? I will send back a list for you to approve (I put them in the order that I’ve found to be fastest!).

Third, the final details questionnaire. This form just gives me contact info, names of VIPs, vendor info, and additional details that help me prepare for your day. It is last but certainly not least! 


Here’s some knowledge to help you out with my most frequently asked questions!

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Who should be on your dream team?

I only recommend vendor friends that I really have loved working with or have heard AMAZING things about. I truly believe these are the best in the biz!

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Any other questions or something you’d like to see added for future couples?

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