Your Legacy

There’s really nothing like sitting down with an album filled of your images and re-experiencing every moment all over again. Think about twenty, thirty years from now. Will you get out a flash drive of your photos to show loved ones? Will there even be flash drives? Or would you like to pull the wedding album from the shelf in the living room and feel the day all over again with an album. Albums are available before or after your wedding and make great gifts for parents. 

You’ve invested a lot of money in photos because you know that they’re what sticks around for a long time. They’re the tangible memories of your wedding or chapter of your life. Capturing the moments that bring back emotions is one of my favorite parts of my job. Though online galleries can bring us back to those moments, an album is a tangible way that can help you go back in time and remember your day for years to come, sharing it with future generations. 

Heirloom Albums

Three sizes to choose from:
8×8 // $425
10×10 // $525
12×12 // $625

All heirloom albums include:
15 spreads (30 pages) – around 60-75 images
All design (two revisions included)

Your choice of leather, linen, or velvet cover

Additional customizations include:
Engraving or foil stamping on cover: $50
8×8 Parent albums: $275
Additional spreads: $25 each

Price does not include MI sales tax and shipping


What’s the process? After you order, I’ll open up an album selection on your gallery so that you can select the photos you’d like to use. Once you’ve made your selections, I’ll create proofs and send them to you through your gallery. You can make comments (two rounds of revisions are included). Once you approve everything, we order! It’s overall a pretty white glove process for you!

What’s the turnaround time? Once your digital proof is approved, your album will be on your doorstep in 7-10 business days.

What’s a spread? A spread is a fancy way of saying two pages. Albums are designed in a panorama so that photos can cross the fold.

What are parent albums? Parent albums are exact replicas of your album to share with your parents, at a smaller size (8×8). If you’d like to create a custom album for your parents, you can do that too! Or gift them a gift card so they can make their own selections.

Do I get to choose the photos? You can if you’d like to! You can either choose the images or I can choose them for you and you can swap out photos during the revision rounds. You just have to let me know your preference.

What if my wedding was awhile ago? You can still order an album! If your gallery has expired, I’m happy to re-activate it so we can begin the album design process.

What if my wedding is in 2021 or 2022? You can pre-order an album in this sale. If you choose not to buy right now, the price is subject to change at any time.

Can I order one even if you were not my photographer? Yes, you can so long as you have the print release to your photos. I will not alter your photos in any way, but I can design and print them for you. If your photographer does offer albums, I do suggest you purchase from them if you can to support their business, but if they do not, I’m happy to help!

Can I use a gift card? Yes! Please let me know when I send the invoice or send me an email.


What’s next

1. Fill out the form below.

2. I’ll email you an invoice. Half the payment is due up front to design your album.

3. I’ll get started on an album proof (if your wedding hasn’t happened yet, this will happen after gallery delivery).
You’ll see a draft in 2-3 weeks after you select your photos (if you choose to).

4. We do two rounds of revisions (if necessary). You approve – woo hoo!

5. I’ll send an invoice for the remaining payment.

6. I order!

7. It arrives at your door in 7-10 business days! Woohoo!