St. Joseph Shrine Wedding | Nathan & Jordan

St. Joseph Shrine Wedding | Nathan & Jordan

I was so fortunate to not only capture Jordan and Nathan’s engagement session, but also their St. Joseph Shrine wedding last October. St. Joseph Shrine is one of the most gorgeous churches. I cannot believe the light we got during the ceremony – some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen in a church!

Jordan and Nathan are so sweet and I loved working with them. They were just so happy to be married at their St. Joseph Shrine wedding and to celebrate it in a simple way. After a full mass ceremony, they welcomed family and friends to the church hall for a meal and some wedding festivities.

We captured their engagement session at St. Joseph Shrine as well. This church is important to them as a couple so using it was super special! I just love both the engagement session and wedding images we were able to create – your girl is a sucker for those big doors and archways. Love using architecture when we can!

I feel like a wedding gallery like this just goes to show that you don’t need to go to all the trendy places or even that far to find good portrait locations. We literally used the exterior and interior of the church, as well as a tree that was colorful across the street. Getting creative like this is one of my favorite parts of the job. Of course I love a skyline shot as much as the next wedding photographer, but it’s not NECESSARY!


makeup: Rosa Alcantara
floral: M. Dawn Floral Design
Catering: Lazybones Smokehouse
Cake: Milano Bakery
Hair: Danielle Cassimy
Gown: Maggie Sottero
Veil: The Veiled Beauty

St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0001.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0002.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0003.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0004.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0005.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0006.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0007.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0008.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0009.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0010.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0011.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0012.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0013.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0014.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0015.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0016.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0017.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0018.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0019.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0020.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0021.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0022.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0023.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0024.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0025.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0026.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0027.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0028.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0029.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0030.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0031.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0032.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0033.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0034.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0035.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0036.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0037.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0038.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0039.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0040.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0041.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0042.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0043.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0044.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0045.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0046.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0047.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0048.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0049.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0050.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0051.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0052.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0053.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0054.jpg
St Joseph Shrine Wedding_0055.jpg

Grecian Center Wedding | Carlos & Cheyenne

Grecian Center Wedding | Carlos & Cheyenne

On a rainy October Friday, Cheyenne and Carlos were married at The Grecian Center. Remember their winter downtown Wyandotte engagement session?

Despite the rain, they were still able to be married outdoors thanks to the large awning over the ceremony space. And yes, it rained and stopped (typical for October weather) and we made it work. All was well! What’s very special about a Grecian Center wedding is the beautiful garden, which was still colorful despite it being mid-October. 

Cheyenne, who is incredible and did HER OWN makeup and hair for her wedding, was the maid of honor in my very first wedding. In fact, Sarah, my very first bride (and old cowoker) was the maid of honor in this wedding! I love being able to work with friends of old couples. 

Something to know about Cheyenne and Carlos is that they love music. They both have great voices! My favorite part of the wedding day was a surprise Carlos had planned for Cheyenne, where he sang to her. The best part? She joined in! I haven’t been to many weddings where the couple provided part of the entertainment. It was truly a sweet moment and one that made the day even more special. 

This Grecian Center wedding was all about the party. I don’t think the dance floor cleared at all! Cheyenne and Carlos’ friends and family were boogying down all night long!


grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
grecian center wedding
Andiamo’s Wedding | Betsy & Michael

Andiamo’s Wedding | Betsy & Michael

The end of fall always brings gorgeous colors…and rain. Betsy and Michael’s Andiamo’s wedding day was the last weekend in October and the day brought both. Their day was truly a beautiful celebration among family and friends.

The day started at St. Peter Catholic Church in Mt. Clemens. St Peter’s is a beautiful church with a long aisle and plenty of stained glass. Capturing the ceremony was very important to Betsy and Michael, and I think some of the sweet in-between moments are some of my favorite.

After the ceremony, we took a few photos at the Mt. Clements Train Depot, which is one of my favorite spots on that side of town, and then stopped by Mike and Betsy’s home to say hi to their black lab Leia.

What I think I loved most about this Andiamo’s wedding was that Mike and Betsy spent essentially the whole day together. There wasn’t a first look or anything (the walk down the aisle wasn’t any less emotional for sure!) and from before the ceremony through the reception, they were around each other. I think it really adds to your memories of the day when you can both spend it together.

We arrived at Andiamo Banquet Center in Warren for the reception. It had been many many years since I had been inside at Andiamo Warren Banquet Center and it had recently been renovated — I was impressed with both the atmosphere and the food! The large round dance floor was filled with dancing guests as the night continued.

Mike and Betsy’s guests were so lovely. I had a great time photographing them, especially on the dance floor! We were treated to some polka dancing by the bride and her brothers, which was fabulous. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone polka in a long time! I was super impressed because polka dancing is hard!

This Andiamo’s wedding was full of fun, family, and so much joy. I don’t think Betsy stopped smiling! It was a beautiful wedding to end my fall season with.

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Andiamo Wedding_0001.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0002.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0003.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0004.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0005.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0006.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0007.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0008.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0009.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0010.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0011.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0012.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0013.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0014.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0015.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0016.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0017.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0018.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0019.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0020.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0021.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0022.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0023.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0024.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0025.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0026.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0027.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0028.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0029.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0030.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0031.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0032.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0033.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0034.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0035.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0036.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0037.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0038.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0039.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0040.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0041.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0042.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0043.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0044.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0045.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0046.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0047.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0048.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0049.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0050.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0051.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0052.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0053.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0054.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0055.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0056.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0057.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0058.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0059.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0060.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0061.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0062.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0063.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0064.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0065.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0066.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0067.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0068.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0069.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0070.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0071.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0072.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0073.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0074.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0075.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0076.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0077.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0078.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0079.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0080.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0081.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0082.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0083.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0084.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0085.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0086.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0087.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0088.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0089.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0090.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0091.jpg
Andiamo Wedding_0092.jpg

Indian Springs Metropark Wedding | Cory & Brian

Indian Springs Metropark Wedding | Cory & Brian

The most popular wedding day of 2019 was October 19, 2019 and Cory and Brian’s Indian Springs Metropark wedding DID NOT disappoint. I had been looking forward to their wedding for over a year. My husband actually referred me to Cory and Brian; he and Brian play board games together. When Cory and I met back in August 2018, we found that we had A LOT in common, which made the planning process all the more fun.

We did their engagement photos back in September 2018 at Rochester Municipal Park. I remember Cory telling me how nervous she was to be photographed, but after she saw the photos, she said that she felt 100% better about the wedding day. DO ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS Y’ALL. That’s why we do them. I can tell you that she wasn’t worried one bit about photography the day of (at least that’s what she told me, lol!).

This Indian Springs Metropark wedding was just gorgeous. It’s not only a gorgeous venue and honestly one of my favorites I’ve worked at, but MI Honeybee Flowers did an incredible job on the florals, including that beautiful copper floral arch for the ceremony. The personal touches scattered throughout the wedding, including a really cool Star Wars guest book, a custom floral paper wall built by a family member, and a huge board game table, alongside the blush, white, gold, and navy accents was so fun!

The day wouldn’t have gone smoothly with Cindy Decker, coordinator extraordinaire. I always refer Cindy to my couples because not only is she so sweet, but she is organized, calm, cool, and collected! I highly recommend a day-of coordinator to make sure all the decorations are set up, to organize your ceremony, organize your vendors, and just be your eyes and ears so that you can enjoy the day. It’s one thing I wish I would have had for my wedding, truly!

One thing Cory was really bummed about was that her grandmother couldn’t attend. Though she couldn’t be there in person, the family set up an iPad so she could watch live, and Cory and Brian were able to say hello via Facetime right after the ceremony. Isn’t that the beauty of modern technology?

I don’t think you need me to tell you how much fun I had at this wedding and just how it was truly a photographer’s dream. Not only was it just a gorgeous venue and gorgeous fall day, but the people I got to work with were truly a treat. Cory and Brian are just so much fun to be around, and I still can’t get over how happy Brian looked the whole day.

Enjoy these beautiful photos and if you’re having an Indian Springs Metropark wedding, call me please!

From the couple: “Madalyn was the best photographer ever. She was so helpful, and willing to meet with me in person to iron our all the details. It felt more like a friend helping us than a vendor. I was so nervous about the photos initially, but after doing engagement photos with Madalyn, I knew they would be beautiful. Madalyn’s photos did not disappoint, and they are stunning. Our friends and family also commented that she was everywhere at the wedding, making sure every detail was documented.”


Venue: Indian Springs Metropark | Florals: MI Honeybee Flowers | Coordination: Cindy Decker Weddings | Cake: Sam’s Club | DJ: Mike Staff Productions | Hair: Randolph’s Salon | Make-up: Clarkston Makeup Studio | Catering: Kosch Catering | Gown: Bombshell Bridal | Bridesmaids: Azazie | Shoes: Modcloth | Men’s Attire: Main Street Tuxedo | Transport: Neuville Coach Company | Invites: Paper Source

Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0001.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0002.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0003.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0004.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0005.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0006.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0007.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0008.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0009.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0010.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0011.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0012.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0013.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0014.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0015.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0016.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0017.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0018.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0019.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0020.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0021.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0022.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0023.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0024.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0025.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0026.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0027.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0028.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0029.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0030.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0031.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0032.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0033.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0034.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0035.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0036.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0037.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0038.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0039.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0040.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0041.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0042.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0043.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0044.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0045.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0046.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0047.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0048.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0049.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0050.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0051.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0052.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0053.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0054.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0055.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0056.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0057.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0058.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0059.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0060.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0061.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0062.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0063.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0064.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0065.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0066.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0067.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0068.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0069.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0070.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0071.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0072.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0073.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0074.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0075.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0076.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0077.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0078.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0079.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0080.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0081.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0082.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0083.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0084.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0085.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0086.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0087.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0088.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0089.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0090.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0091.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0092.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0093.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0094.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0095.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0096.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0097.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0098.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0099.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0100.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0101.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0102.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0103.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0104.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0105.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0106.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0107.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0108.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0109.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0110.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0111.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0112.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0113.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0114.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0115.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0116.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0117.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0118.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0119.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0120.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0121.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0122.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0123.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0124.jpg
Indian Springs Metropark Wedding_0125.jpg

Mt. Brighton Wedding | Becca & Kevin

Mt. Brighton Wedding | Becca & Kevin

Every week as I prep my blog posts, I am so giddy when I look over the images we created together last fall. I feel like I was so freaking on my game and had just the best weather and couples and the stars aligned for the most incredible season. This Mt. Brighton wedding was no different. Sunshine, a beautiful golden hour, a fun wedding party, and just an all-around solid day, Becca and Kevin’s Mt. Brighton wedding was just a perfect example of why fall weddings are so popular in Michigan.

Maybe you remember Becca and Kevin from their Indian Springs engagement session, but if not, these two engineers’ went to the same college but their love didn’t really blossom until they found themselves working at the same company. And the rest is history, as they say.

Everyone I came into contact with at this wedding was so warm and inviting, which is how I always felt about Becca and Kevin. They’re just very genuinely kind people who enjoy laughing a lot. I don’t think they take themselves too seriously and I appreciate that.

The pair’s Mt. Bright wedding was officiated by Kevin’s aunt and they sealed a box with letters to each other and wine to open on their fifth anniversary. I particularly liked the reaction from guests when they used a drill to seal the box shut. What a unique “unity” ceremony! Take note future couples of mine!

Mt. Brighton is a beautiful spot for a wedding and we were even able to head up the ski hill for some photos! How fun, right?

There was just so much joy on this day and I hope it shows through in these images. I know I couldn’t stop smiling.

Mt Bright Wedding_0001.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0002.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0003.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0004.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0005.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0006.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0007.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0008.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0009.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0010.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0011.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0012.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0013.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0014.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0015.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0016.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0017.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0018.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0019.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0020.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0021.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0022.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0023.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0024.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0025.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0026.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0027.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0028.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0029.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0030.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0031.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0032.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0033.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0034.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0035.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0036.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0037.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0038.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0039.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0040.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0041.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0042.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0043.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0044.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0045.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0046.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0047.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0048.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0049.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0050.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0051.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0052.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0053.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0054.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0055.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0056.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0057.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0058.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0059.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0060.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0061.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0062.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0063.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0064.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0065.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0066.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0067.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0068.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0069.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0070.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0071.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0072.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0073.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0074.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0075.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0076.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0077.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0078.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0079.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0080.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0081.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0082.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0083.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0084.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0085.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0086.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0087.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0088.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0089.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0090.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0091.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0092.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0093.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0094.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0095.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0096.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0097.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0098.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0099.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0100.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0101.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0102.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0103.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0104.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0105.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0106.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0107.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0108.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0109.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0110.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0111.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0112.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0113.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0114.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0115.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0116.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0117.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0118.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0119.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0120.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0121.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0122.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0123.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0124.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0125.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0126.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0127.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0128.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0129.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0130.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0131.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0132.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0133.jpg
Mt Bright Wedding_0134.jpg


venue: Mt. Brighton | florals: Art in Bloom | Cake: Ellen’s Bakery | DJ: Music Unlimited | HMU: Tribute Salon and Spa | Gown: Abbott’s Bridal | Rings: Miner’s Den | Men’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse | Paper: Etsy + The Print Shop

Trillum Event Center Wedding | Jasmine & Ricky

Trillum Event Center Wedding | Jasmine & Ricky

In the depths of winter, I always miss fall. This Trillum Event Center wedding from early October was just the perfect early fall day. Jasmine and Ricky’s Trillum Event Center wedding had a first look, plenty of time for photos, outdoor ceremony, and the rain held off completely until we got inside for the reception. It made for some beautiful photos at the end of the night…make sure to scroll down for those!

In 2019, I was so lucky to photograph the weddings of former bridesmaids of mine! Jasmine was the maid of honor in Carissa and Chris’s wedding in 2018 and I was so flattered when she reached out and hired me for her and Ricky’s wedding.

Working with these two was such a treat. Remember their fall engagement session at Lincoln Brick Park? They are so freaking cute, amirite?

There were a couple of things I really liked about this Trillum Event Center wedding:

  1. The first look: Not only did Jasmine and Ricky decide to do a first look but they also read letters to each other during this time. It was a nice way to start the day together and I highly encourage this if you feel compelled.
  2. The after-ceremony sneak away: I don’t often get to just take the couple off-site for photos, but since we had some time and these two didn’t care much to participate in cocktail hour, we headed to a nearby park for some portraits of the two of them. They are some of my favorites from the day. It was nice just to hang out for awhile, not feeling super rushed!
  3. The colors: The perfect fall palette!
  4. The magnetic boutonnières: Can every florist get on this? I didn’t have to pin any boutonnière and that is a MIRACLE. I’m not the best at it but I can do it. Magnets save time!

I had a blast photographing these two and wish they lived over in Detroit so we could hang out. Until they move, I guess I’ll just have to look at their photos all the time…

Trillum Event Center Wedding_0001.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0002.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0003.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0004.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0005.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0006.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0007.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0008.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0009.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0010.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0011.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0012.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0013.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0014.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0015.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0016.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0017.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0018.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0019.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0020.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0021.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0022.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0023.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0024.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0025.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0026.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0027.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0028.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0029.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0030.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0031.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0032.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0033.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0034.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0035.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0036.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0037.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0038.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0039.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0040.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0041.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0042.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0043.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0044.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0045.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0046.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0047.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0048.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0049.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0050.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0051.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0052.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0053.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0054.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0055.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0056.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0057.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0058.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0059.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0060.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0061.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0062.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0063.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0064.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0065.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0066.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0067.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0068.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0069.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0070.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0071.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0072.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0073.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0074.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0075.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0076.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0077.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0078.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0079.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0080.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0081.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0082.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0083.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0084.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0085.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0086.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0087.jpg

Trillum Event Center Wedding_0090.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0091.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0092.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0093.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0094.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0095.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0096.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0097.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0098.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0099.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0100.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0101.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0102.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0103.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0104.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0105.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0106.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0107.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0108.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0109.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0110.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0111.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0112.jpg
Trillum Event Center Wedding_0113.jpg

Trillum Event Center Wedding_0088.jpg

Trillum Event Center Wedding_0089.jpg


venue: Trillum Event Center | Florals: Chalet Floral | Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake | DJ: Modern Entertainment | HMU: Studio V | Gown: America’s Bride | Favors: McDonald’s Candies