Baby Lydia | Detroit Newborn Photographer

Back in May I got a message from one of my clients who was planning a newborn session the week after I came back from a vacation: baby born early! Do you have availability? She got me just in the nick of time and the day before Josh and I jetted off on our Scandinavian vacation, I met little eight-day-old Lydia.

Newborns, like all children I shoot, have a mind of their own. I have yet to meet a perfectly sleepy newborn, but that’s okay. I don’t mind the eye contact and I don’t mind the movement either. Makes things interesting.

Lydia was like my other newborns: unwilling to sleep (until the end of the session) and completely adorable. We had a few outfits, but it was a simple setup (my favorite) in a bedroom next to a window. You don’t need much for magic, y’all.

I wanted to post this before I head off to Lydia’s parents wedding this weekend. I’m excited to celebrate with them and see how much she’s grown in the last three months.



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