Metro Detroit Newborn Photographer | Rowan

Metro Detroit Newborn Photographer | Rowan

I’m so lucky to work with clients over and over again! I’m always honored to capture each new chapter – this time as a metro Detroit newborn photographer! Amber and Ben first stepped in front of my camera in December 2018 for their engagement session and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph their wedding and now baby Rowan’s arrival at their home last October!

My approach as a Metro Detroit newborn photographer is to make newborn photos as relaxing of an experience as possible. Now that I’ve had my first baby, I can tell you that I absolutely couldn’t have created the best photographs of my family in the weeks post-birth. I left it to another professional pal to do it for us and I’m so glad I did!

Babies change so quickly. I never really believed this until I had my own. From fresh newborn, they look so different at even 8 weeks old! It’s crazy how quickly that time goes and how soon your baby doesn’t look little anymore.

Rowan’s momma has great taste – here’s her wedding in case you’re wondering – and their home was a perfect setting. Rowan wasn’t the happiest of campers but you can’t tell, can you? This is why I leave 2 hours for newborn sessions – plenty of time for feeds and soothing which all newborns need – they aren’t on a schedule! Big sister Rory was a great help and I know she has been the best big sister as Rowan has grown; he’s nearing 10 months old now!

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Detroit Institute of arts wedding portraits | shallana & randy

Detroit Institute of arts wedding portraits | shallana & randy

With covid impacting so many couples, it’s been a year with less weddings, but not necessarily less portraits. Shallana and Randy were married in a private, small ceremony over the summer and asked if I could take some Detroit Institute of Arts wedding portraits to celebrate their marriage. I said, of course!

I love photographing these two! Their Stony Creek engagement session was so beautiful and I’ve seen them a few times at my mini sessions with their pups.

Detroit Institute of Arts wedding portraits hold a special place in my heart because this location is where we took our wedding photos. Something about the classic look of the marble just always makes everyone look incredible. We used the back and front of the building, went across the street to the Detroit Public Library (another favorite of mine) and then stopped at the McGregor Conference Center on Wayne State University’s campus which has some amazing architecture that I’ve always wanted to use.

These two are too chic – don’t we love that burgundy suit? I’m so glad the trend is these non-black and grey suits, makes things so much more exciting! And Shallana’s dress is just to die for. So gorgeous. I wish them all the happiness in the world – they deserve it!

You can always do a session to celebrate an anniversary or just because. There’s nothing wrong with documenting your relationship right now – not just for a big event. Plus portrait sessions are much more laid back than weddings. More time to really relax and have fun in front of the camera!

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First Birthday Session | Charlotte

First Birthday Session | Charlotte

I don’t get to photograph kiddos all that much, but when I do, it’s so much fun! Charlotte’s first birthday session captured her spunky personality.

It seems like just yesterday we were photographing Charlotte’s newborn session. A year later, almost to the date, she turned one and we had to celebrate with some updated photos of her.

It’s absolutely so fun to see how much kiddos grow! I truly love seeing families year after year and capturing their little ones getting bigger and bigger.

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Eastern Market Engagement Session | Jordan & Nathan

Eastern Market Engagement Session | Jordan & Nathan

I love when couples want to incorporate locations that are meaningful to them into their sessions, and I highly encourage it! Jordan and Nathan’s Eastern Market engagement session did exactly that. Their church, St. Joseph Shrine, is very important to them, so we decided to use it as our main backdrop.

St. Joseph Shrine is a historic church located in Eastern Market in Detroit. The church dates back to 1855 and has absolutely gorgeous architecture. I love the doorways and old stone so I tried to incorporate that during our session.

We decided to head over to Gratiot for a few city shots as well. I love that rainbow brick wall! It’s one of my favorite spots in the area.

Jordan and Nathan are so sweet! I loved hanging out with them and getting to know them. Also doesn’t Jordan’s makeup look amazing? The incredible Rosa Alcantara did it!! I highly recommend Rosa!

We actually shot this session in the middle of the day which can be really scary for some photographers! I embraced the light on this one, and though it’s not golden hour, we were able to use some direct sunlight, make use of shade of buildings (which is honestly key and why you can always shoot at just about any time in the city) which helped. I usually prefer morning or evening to give clients that glow look that they see in my images, but sometimes with scheduling it’s not possible so we make due!

I’m so glad they found me and I was able to not only work with them on their Eastern Market engagement session, but their intimate October wedding! Stay tuned for the gorgeous images from that day!

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Grosse Pointe Newborn Photographer

Grosse Pointe Newborn Photographer

Baby Ronnie came just a little early! Instead of being a September baby, he was born on the last day of August! A little early and just a wee one!

This Grosse Pointe newborn photographer visited him and his momma at home for some newborn photos – and he was just the sweetest thing! We focused mostly on Ronnie, but still capturing him in a lifestyle way in his environment. No elaborate posing here. He wasn’t into swaddling so we just took our cues from him and still captured these sweet images. I always let the baby guide us!

See more newborn sessions here or contact me today to schedule yours!

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