Spring Stony Creek Metropark Engagement Session | Chelsey & Yianni

Spring Stony Creek Metropark Engagement Session | Chelsey & Yianni

Chelsey and Yianni were my first booking for 2021 and I finally got to meet them for a spring Stony Creek metropark engagement session right after we were able to start working again post-quarantine. Before we headed to Stony Creek metropark, we stopped at Yates Cider Mill for some doughnuts. Chelsey had told me that her and Yianni love going apple picking and cider mill visiting in the fall, so it only made sense to have some doughnuts before hiking through the woods at Stoney Creek Metropark.

A spring Stony Creek Metropark engagement session is all about the greeeeen! The trees are so green, the field is growing back, and it’s a less buggy than the summertime. Stony Creek Metropark is one of the most popular spots for engagement sessions in the Metro Detroit area for a reason. The tall pines and beautiful meadow are perfect in just about any season. I’ve done sessions at Stony Creek Metropark in every season and loved every single one.

Chelsey and Yianni were so much fun to photograph! I think they’re so adorable together and literally shined with every prompt or direction I gave them. Old pros, I think! And also, what a good looking couple with amazing style!

I’m looking forward to their May 2021 wedding!

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Macomb Equine Photographer

Macomb Equine Photographer

This spring, Jamie, one of my brides, contacted me asking if I’d be willing to do some equine photos of her and her horse, Charlie.  I, of course, said yes! Though the pandemic pushed our session, we had the most beautiful night to photograph a camera shy Charlie (though you can’t tell from these images!).

Just before the session, Charlie had turned 24, which as I understand it, is pretty old in horse years! Though I haven’t really been around horses very often, it was lovely to see Jamie interact with her pal, and capture these for her before a big move to another state and her wedding.

Macomb Equine Session_0001.jpg
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Love in the Time of Corona – Wedding Policies

Love in the Time of Corona – Wedding Policies

What a time to be alive! It’s still totally possible to get married right now, in the midst of a pandemic, but it’s important to think about safety of all involced.

To protect myself, my clients, and their guests, I have instituted the following COVID policies in my business:


1. I will be wearing a mask at your wedding, both outdoors and indoors. It has to be this way for the safety of everyone present. Please be patient with me as working in a mask is something I’m adjusting to, and it can sometimes be hard to hear me. 


2. I cannot hug, shake hands, or otherwise touch anyone present. I know that stinks, but it’s important for me to keep my distance as much as possible. I am hugging you all in my heart! I am comfortable fixing trains, but ask that your friends or family fix your boutonniere, pin your veil, or move straps, etc. so I don’t get too close.


3. I’m currently not putting myself in the middle of crowded dance floors. I will photograph from the sides, and promise you won’t really notice too much of a difference.


4. Regarding group photos, I am currently unable to force anyone into a group photo together. I won’t be asking random groups of people to pose for photos and will only take them if they ask or I already see a group posing.


5. Please talk with your family and friends (particularly your wedding party) to gauage their comfort in posed photos. This is especially important for family formal photos. I do not know your family’s comfort level so you have to communicate that to me. Please let me know about the comfort level of the groups so that I can try to accomodate or make suggestions about possible alternative photo ideas. Note that photoshopping groups together or someone in a photo is not a part of our current contract and will incur additional editing costs. Thank you for your help and understanding. 


6. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If your venue is telling you that you can have 150 people indoors while we’re in Phase 4 in Michigan (which is 10 people indoors gathering) because they’re onsidered a restaurant, changes are they are not being totally honest. I know it is hard to keep up with all of the legal changes regarding events, which is why I have been doing that for you. Please be sure that your event is following the current executive orders and guidelines to ensure the safety of all. Vendors that participate in unlawful gatherings can be fined up to $2,000, charged with misdeamonors, and have their business license revoked. I understand completely that you want to be married, and I want you to as well, but the law is the law.

To review the specific executive order regarding weddings, please click here. 


7. No matter what, your wedding will be amazing. You’re getting married! It may not be what you originally envisioned but what in life ever is? It’s usually better than you can imagine. 


If you have any questions about my COVID policies, please email me!

Livonia Maternity Photographer

Livonia Maternity Photographer

We had to reschedule TWICE, but I was so glad that we had literally the PERFECT night for Elizabeth and Jon’s maternity session. We visited Greenmead Historical Park (a Livonia maternity photographer favorite!) because all Elizabeth requested was blooms on the trees! But we got the most gorgeous golden hour and I had so much fun with these too!

These two had a long journey to parenthood and when I heard their story, I felt so honored that they would ask me to photograph their maternity photos. Their baby was born a few weeks ago and I know that the joy they must feel now is incredible. I am truly so happy for them and that their journey has led them to parenthood in this way!

We talked about how they met (a jazz festival) and how they weren’t learning the sex of their baby until it’s born. They had a name for their embryo (Billy) and more photos of their kiddo in utero than anyone they’ve heard of. This little one is well documented.

I love the anticipation in maternity sessions; they are so similar to engagement sessions in that way…the anticipation of the next chapter is so exciting to document!

Livonia Maternity Photographer_0001.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0002.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0003.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0004.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0005.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0006.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0007.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0008.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0009.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0010.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0011.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0012.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0013.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0014.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0015.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0016.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0017.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0018.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0019.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0020.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0021.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0022.jpg
Livonia Maternity Photographer_0023.jpg

Livonia Family Photographer

Livonia Family Photographer

This past Valentine’s Day, I had a giveaway for an at-home session. I’ve really been wanting to document more families in their homes, just interacting and being themselves. Erin won and I was so excited because I had met her when she was the maid of honor in one of my 2019 weddings.We scheduled the session for the end of March and called it good.

But then, COVID hit. And we had to reschedule a few times, but on a bright, beautiful May Sunday morning, we did a family session at Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia.

Erin and Tom have the best behaved kids I’ve ever photographed. I really mean that (and sorry to all the other parents who are clients and are reading this). Maybe they were at the perfect ages or just are very good in front of a camera, but all three of these kiddos were really easy and fun to direct! We got the ones smiling at the camera and we got lots of interaction, snuggles, and hugs. Win-win!

I loved using Greenmead’s scenery as a Livonia family photographer. It’s really do-able for families because it has natural elements mixed in with historic buildings. And it’s usually not super duper busy, which was the case on this Sunday morning when we visited.

These five are always welcome in front of my camera, and your family is too! I’m now booking fall sessions! You don’t want to miss out on romping through leaves with your littles, right?

Livonia Family Photographer_0001.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0002.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0003.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0004.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0005.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0006.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0007.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0008.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0009.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0010.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0011.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0012.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0013.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0014.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0015.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0016.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0017.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0018.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0019.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0020.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0021.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0022.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0023.jpg
Livonia Family Photographer_0024.jpg