Hey, I’m Madalyn.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t give my real name at Starbucks because I don’t want them to spell it wrong (there are a million wrong versions of Madalyn let me tell you). I’m not intrusive at all; I hate being the center of attention; and you’ll never find me being the life of the party. I’m an INFJ; did you guess?

I’m not really trendy or hip, except for the fact that I own a corgi (let’s get that out of the way, her name is Nora and yes she is the best). I’m a homebody who enjoys cooking dinner every night, but my favorite places to get lost in are libraries and used bookstores. You can find my husband Josh and I trying new brews, spirits and wines, walking Nora the Corgi to the Dairy O in the summer, doing DIY home renovations, and camping out in our R-Pod. 


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Why you want me in your corner

  • Your wedding is not there to serve me or my portfolio. It is about you.


  • I help plan a timeline that is personalized to what you is important to YOU.



  • We create a family formal list together to make sure nothing is forgotten and your fam is taken care of (mom wants those photos, I know!).



  • I’ll be transparent with you with advice, tips, and what works best/what doesn’t work.


  • I’ll tell you what to do with your hands.



  • Keeping you comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera even if there’s something crazy chaotic happening is my forte.



  • It’s all about serving you day of, no matter what it takes (I’ve wiped dog poop off of a bride’s shoe before…don’t ask how it got there!)





It truly felt like Madalyn was just as invested in our wedding as we were, and helped us execute the perfect timeline, made us comfortable, and became our bff. The only wrong choice about Madalyn would be to not choose her. Our day absolutely could not have been better, and a lot of that credit goes to Madalyn.


A Few Things You May Not Know About Me

If I could drink slurpees every single day, I would without a second thought. 

I always try to have fresh flowers around my house.

I hate birds! I think they’re gross. (Sorry if you are a bird owner.)

I have a degree in English from Hope College. My whole life I thought I was going to be a writer!

My favorite food is popcorn. But let’s be real, I love food in general.

I have written two novels. No, they’re not that great, but yes it was fun!

In 2019, my husband and I took a three month road trip around the US in our R-Pod travel trailer. We visited 26 states and 15 national parks!

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